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An in-depth consultation is carried out before every service. It is most certainly one of the  key elements needed to achieve a great hair style that’s right for you.

You are welcome to come in and have a free “no obligation” consultation for all the services that we offer. Your stylist will discuss the variety of style options suitable for you. During the consultation we will take into account your image, skin tone, hair type, face shape and lifestyle, we will also look at the most current visual aids and images for extra inspiration


A one hour appointment is allocated for a ladies cut and finish and 30 minutes for a gents cut and finish. We can shape your existing style or you can go for a total re-style. Your stylist will explain to you how you can achieve great looking hair in between your salon visits.


We are in partnership with L’Oreal professional and use their colour ranges. During your colour consultation we will discuss colour ideas and options, from subtle natural tones to bolder and edgier looks.

When slicing and highlighting we prefer to use multiple colours with either complimentary or contrasting tones and depths.

We love to apply vibrant colour flashes through fringes, sides or nape sections to give a sense of drama to your style.

Gloss ‘n’ Go is a conditioning colour to enhance your hairs own natural tones and it will gently fade out in approximately 6 weeks. Gloss ’n’ Go will leave your hair looking and feeling incredibly shiny and lustrous as it is packed with conditioning agents and light reflective molecules.

Our Services


We can create permanently soft waves using the most gentle L’Oreal solutions to ensure that the condition of your hair stays at its absolute best. Waves and curls can soften and enhance face shapes and features and can also be unbelievably low maintenance if you have a lifestyle where you just need to wash and go

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Rapture Hair Extensions

Long, luscious locks are at the top of every fashionista's most-wanted list this year thanks to the many A-list celebrities who use hair extensions to achieve their glamorous red carpet looks. Volume, texture, fringes, curl and colour can all be achieved with subtlety and sophistication.

Extensions can transform short hair to long, add texture with waves and curls or create volume in fine hair. Our extensions are natural looking and do not damage your hair or scalp. Once applied, they can be cut, washed, styled and blow-dried with confidence. Your new hair will look just as good wet, as it does dry, so you can play sport, get caught in the rain or swim.

Maintenance is simple, if you follow our simple home care hair tips extensions last about 6 - 8 weeks, and you can visit the salon for quick and easy removal, re-application and styling. With the correct after care and maintenance, they can last for up to 9 months

Colour Correction

Unfortunately in the wrong hands colouring products can cause various problems that need resolving. We have the expertise, experience and products to correct any possible colour problems that you may have.