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I have been styling hair now for over 34 years, and I am the owner/style director at van Hoeff Hairdressing. I was an apprentice and then qualified as a fully fledged stylist at the Selfridges salon in the West End of London. Not only did this teach me to perfect my skills to a very high standard it also taught me how to treat clients very well, to treat them as individuals and to make them feel special.  

I am also a qualified lecturer and I love the giving element that teaching brings, I taught at private academies in the West End and I also lectured at colleges of Further Education for several years. I now teach on a very tiny scale to apprentices in the salon, just one day a week.

I enjoy the "hands on" creative aspect of styling hair, and I love the satisfaction that improving a clients appearance can bring. I really get a a buzz from seeing clients leaving the salon with big smiles on their faces. I like to constantly up-date and change my skills and encourage and support the team in doing the same.


Van Hoeff Hairdressing started in 2008 and has been up and running now for 6 years. The shop was not an existing salon before and I had been away from hairdressing for few years so we started with a zero client base ! This has not been without it's challenges, but looking back it has all worked in our favour, we have grown and nurtured the business to meet the needs of our client base, and we enjoy styling our clients hair, making them look as good as they possibly can. I am very pleased with the direction that the salon is heading in at the moment, so happy that sometimes I wake up laughing !

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